Dry Cleaning Solutions


Dynamic Sales and Service is a provider of dry cleaning machinery dedicated to dry cleaning and valet industries. We support high-quality dry cleaning equipment and agents for superior performance and results. We also carry top of the line finishing equipment, boilers conveyors, air compressors and vacuums. 

Whether you are an existing dry cleaning owner or a new investor in a dry cleaning business, we can help. Our team of laundry experts will supply dry cleaning solutions necessary for successful returns.


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Product Lines

We are a supplier for each of the following product lines and more.  If you have questions about a specific product line, please contact us


Union is the largest manufacturer of textile dry cleaning equipment. Providing high-quality solutions for optimum performance and low-cost results.



The world leading manufacturer of quality finishing equipment.



Fulton is an industry leading manufacturer of steam boilers for use in laundry applications. Providing custom design and engineering for optimal laundry solutions.



Sankosha manufactures press machinery for use in the garment care industry. Providing simple, functional and reliable press products for dry-cleaning professionals.