Providing incredible customer service

"In this day and age, it seems the only thing we all hear about are complaints and shortcomings. But this is not one of those types of feedback.
I started at Kline Galland almost 9 years ago. One of my very first tasks was to get our washing machines up to speed and working properly. And that’s how I met Linda Stephens. From that day to this day, whenever I’ve called with a parts request, a question about what we should stock, even a service question, Linda has been quick to respond, has given us what we’ve needed, and has provided absolutely excellent customer service. 9 years of consistently incredible customer service. It has been one of the best relationships I’ve developed at KGH and my facilities laundry services are much better because of her involvement.
There are a handful of companies out there that do what Dynamic does, but none of them have Linda Stephens. Because of her, Dynamic is the only place I ever call." 


Edward Cole
Director of Maintenance
Kline Galland