Government Laundry Solutions

Government Laundry Operation Solutions

Government entities have unique and varied laundry needs.  Whether it be fire departments, correctional facilities, colleges, military facilities or many other government branches, Dynamic Sales and Service is there for your needs.  With over 30 years experience in the laundry industry, we have responded to numerous proposals and participated in the procurement process for government agencies.


Our Government Services

  • Calculate costs and outputs of laundry systems designed for your facility.
  • Help increase pounds of laundry per hour and decrease water consumption. 
  • Laundry system design to meet any needs of any government agency.
  • Installation of laundry and boiler systems.
  • Maintenance and service of existing equipment.
  • Accessories and supplies sales.
  • End-to-end laundry service from design, installation, maintenance, supplies, and service.

If you need expert advice about selecting the appropriate laundry equipment application or would like a project proposal to address your needs, we can help.  Dynamic Sales and Service has the experience and customer care you can rely on.