Hospitality Laundry Solutions

On-Premises Hospitality Operation Solutions

Laundry requirements in the hospitality industry differ significantly from each location.  Because of this, Dynamic Sales and Service uses 30 years of experience and the backing of one of the largest commercial laundry manufacturers in the world to advise its clients.  Considerations like occupancy rates, pools, in-room food service, restaurants, banquet and conference rooms and on-site athletic facilities can greatly expand an establishments laundry requirements.  Using industry knowledge Dynamic Sales and Service can apply formulas to determine the proper equipment and capacity needed for your hotel, motel or resort.


Our Hospitality Services

  • Calculate pounds of laundry per room based size and amenities. 
  • Laundry system design to meet any needs from small motels to luxury resorts and cruise ships.
  • Laundry system design for new and existing establishments.
  • Installation of laundry and boiler systems.
  • Maintenance and service of existing equipment.
  • Accessories and supplies sales.
  • End-to-end laundry service from design, installation, maintenance, supplies, and service.
  • Financing available.

These and many more services are what makes Dynamic Sales and Service a standout in the industry.  If you have any questions, please call today.

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