Institution Laundry Solutions

On-Premises Institution Laundry Operation Solutions

Large educational institutions have much to consider when providing laundry solutions to students. Colleges, universities, technical and trade schools may have application needs for team uniforms, laboratory wear and other gear. Institutions should consider laundry solutions for campus housing that require less control, but are durable and cost-effective. Dynamic Sales and Services has the capability to assist in all types of educational laundry facility requirements. 


Our Institution Services

  • Calculate costs and outputs of laundry systems designed for your facility.
  • Help increase pounds of laundry per hour and decrease water consumption. 
  • Laundry system design specific for educational institutions.
  • Installation of laundry and boiler systems.
  • Maintenance and service of existing equipment.
  • Accessories and supplies sales.
  • End-to-end laundry service from design, installation, maintenance, supplies, and service.

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