Features Overview

Dynamic Sales and Service is proud to announce the new lineup of Primus® laundry equipment for your vended and on-premise needs.  With the Primus® line we can now offer vended and on-premise softmount washer extractors. Primus® softmount washer extractors are built with strong, stainless steel construction. Your on-premises facility needs more throughput at a lower cost, so these washer extractors are designed to improve efficiency and reduce utilities.  Primus® offers unique commercial laundry equipment offerings and dedicated support to unparalleled efficiency and eco-friendly innovation. Dynamic Sales and Service can provide tailored solutions designed to solve real-world challenges because it's not just about being different - its about being different with a purpose. 


Primus® On-Premise Laundry

A complete lineup of hardmount and softmount commercial on-premises laundry equipment that combines durability, performance and innovation to get laundry done faster while reducing your overall cost. 


Primus® Vended Laundry

A full line of one-of-a-kind, coin-operated, washers, tumble dryers and single-load units loaded with innovations and ultra-efficient features designed to help you meet — and even surpass — your goals.


Primus® SoftWash Wet Cleaning

SoftWash has the capability to replace any dry cleaning solvent system. The SoftWash process offers the same advantages as solvent systems, such as short cycles and similar workflow, but with better cleaning quality, color brightness and a fresher smell than any solvent can offer, with none of the disadvantages.