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Dynamic Sales and Service is a provider of top quality commercial laundry equipment for Vended Laundry. Whether you are an existing laundry owner looking to upgrade or a new investor in the laundry industry, we can help. We will guide you through initial laundry setup, design, installation and maintenance.


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Product Lines

We are a supplier for each of the following product lines and more.  If you have questions about a specific product line, please contact us.  

Speed Queen

Speed Queen is the leading manufacturer of commercial-grade laundry equipment. They engineer laundry machinery equipment for rugged, dependable long lasting performance while providing simplicity and performance you can trust.



IPSO is a manufacturer of commercial laundry equipment in North America and Europe. IPSO provides dependable and efficient industrial laundry equipment.



Milnor is a provider of industrial washer-extractors and dryers for laundromats. Supplying laundry equipment solutions that produce cost savings and high-quality results.



A leading manufacturer of bill changers, token dispensers, ticket dispensers and card dispensers.



A manufacturer of mechanical and electronic payment systems. ESD payment systems are versatile and effective for all laundry equipment brands. They providing valued payment solutions for your vended laundry facility.


Standard Change-Makers

Standard Change-Makers specializes in design and manufacturing of currency change machines and central payment kiosks for the coin laundry industry.



Vend-Rite manufacturers the largest selection of the most reliable soap vending machines. A long lasting history of serving coin and multi-housing laundry industries.



A provider of commercial water heaters for of all commercial laundry applications. Natco systems cater to commercial vended, on-premises and dry cleaning laundry solutions.


High Mark

High Mark Manufacturing provides modern, innovative, quality laundry equipment. An industry leader of custom laundry facility furnishing for professional laundry operations.



A provider of customizable, built-to-order furnishings for service establishments. Sol-O-matic supplies flexible and reliable furnishing solutions for vended laundry industry.